Kompass Partner, Global Chamber, Empowers Global Business Leaders

Kompass partner, Global Chamber, has many upcoming events, check them out below!

Here are some developments in Kompass North America strategic partnership with Global Chamber, a renowned international business organization spearheaded by Doug Bruhnke. This collaboration aims to amplify the reach and capabilities of businesses worldwide, facilitating their entry into new markets and fostering robust international connections.

About Global Chamber and Doug Bruhnke

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Global Chamber, under the visionary leadership of Doug Bruhnke, has become a pivotal force in global business, with its presence in 525 metro regions across 195 countries. Doug Bruhnke, the Founder and CEO, is a celebrated global entrepreneur, speaker, and author with over 36 years of expertise in exporting and international trade. His career, including significant roles at Dupont and consulting for giants like General Motors and Johnson & Johnson, has equipped him with profound insights into global business dynamics.

Doug holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Utah and an Executive MBA from Michigan State University. He also boasts five chemical process patents, a testament to his innovative prowess. His contributions extend beyond business, serving as a member of the Arizona District Export Council and an Advisor for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.

Highlighting Upcoming Events

The partnership between Kompass and Global Chamber comes at a time when the latter has an array of enriching events lined up, designed to foster global connections and knowledge sharing among business leaders.

Global Chamber AI Series

Date: Thursday, June 20th at 8am PT / 11am ET / 3pm Accra / 4pm London / 5pm CET / 6pm Tel Aviv + Kiev / 6pm Nairobi / 7pm Dubai / 8:30pm Mumbai / 11pm Singapore and Friday, June 21st at 12am Seoul + Tokyo / 1am Sydney

This series will delve into the transformative potential of AI in global business, featuring experts who will share insights and strategies on leveraging AI for market expansion and operational efficiency. Register here.

Global Panel with Jacob Deitz and Yuka Nakasone

Jacob Deitz, Founder and CEO of Kilimo Collective, will bring his expertise in social entrepreneurship and sustainable development, emphasizing the importance of synergistic partnerships and global collaboration.

Jacob is a visionary leader and innovator in social entrepreneurship and global collaboration. With a background in geology and education, Jacob brings a unique perspective to business development and networking. His expertise in creating synergistic partnerships across various sectors has positioned him as pivotal in promoting sustainable development and inclusive growth. Jacob’s approach is rooted in a deep belief in ‘Ubuntu’ – the power of collective impact and mutual advancement. His work at Kilimo Collective and involvement with the Movement for Community-Led Development and Grassroots Finance Action underscore his commitment to fostering global connections that transcend traditional boundaries and catalyze transformative change.

Yuka Nakasone, Executive Director of Global Chamber Barcelona, will share her extensive experience in globalization and digital transformation.

Born and raised in Japan, Yuka started her globalization career in Boston, MA, USA in the mid-90s. With over 25 years of experience in the field, she helps SMBs to optimize their global operations and grow internationally with digitization and localization through her consultancy company, Global Bridge in Barcelona, Spain, where she enjoys a multicultural and multilanguage life with her own small Franco-Japanese family. She is known to be innovation savvy in the globalization industry with knowledge about the development of new technologies and techniques. She has recently started to teach digital transformation and globalization at La Salle, a graduate school for architecture and engineering of Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

Global Women Online Networking

Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 3pm Accra / 4pm London / 5pm CET/ 5pm Tel Aviv + Kiev / 6pm Nairobi / 7pm Dubai / 8:30pm Mumbai / 11pm Singapore and Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 12am Seoul + Tokyo / 2am Sydney

This event is designed for global businesswomen to connect, exchange information, and support each other’s endeavors. Facilitated by Maria Segura, Principal/Co-Founder at DEI Leadership Institute, this session aims to empower women leaders to achieve greater success through collaboration. Register here.

Maria is a Business Development Strategist helping businesses and organizations build relationships and visibility in their target markets. She has a strong background in advertising and marketing within a wide range of industries from academia to the international Hispanic marketplace. Maria is skilled in networking to initiate and manage new business opportunities and has expertise in developing new brands and enhancing existing brands. Maria is multicultural and bi-lingual, fluent in Spanish. She is based in metro Denver, Colorado USA.


Monthly Export – Import Forum

Date: Thursday, June 27th at noon PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 7pm Accra / 8pm London / 9pm CET / 10pm Tel Aviv + Kiev / 10pm Nairobi / 11pm Dubai and Friday, June 28th at 12:30am Mumbai / 3am Singapore / 4am Seoul + Tokyo / 5am Sydney

Moderated by Anita Rodal, Founder/President at SBPI Services, this forum will feature discussions with importers, exporters, and experts on global trade. Attorney Rodrigo Novoa, LLM will offer valuable insights, practical advice, and an opportunity for participants to engage in interactive conversations. Register here.

Speakers and Moderators: 

Anita Rodal is the founder and president of SBPI Services, which represents two of the world’s oldest and largest non-bank currency exchange companies. Their focus is to help global companies lower the cost and rate-fluctuation risk of their cross-border payments.

Anita is also a corporate trainer and public speaker. She has spoken at conferences in the US, Mexico, and Spain. Her webinar, ‘About Your Elevator Pitch’ is designed for sales and marketing professionals who need to improve their 30-second B2B elevator pitches. Anita also offers private pronunciation coaching, via Skype, for non-native English speakers who want to reduce their accents.

Attorney Rodrigo Novoa, LLM is a partner at dnpv Abogados (Santiago, Chile). Main areas of practice are corporate, real estate, international and customs law. Previously partner at SIV Abogados; associate at Eluchans & Co.; Foreign attorney at Arnold & Porter LLP – Washington, D.C. and Winston & Strawn LLP – Washington, D.C.



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