New Kompass Partner: Rosenthal Financial Services

Rosenthal is the largest privately held factor and finance company in the United States. But that's not the only thing that makes them unique. Learn more below...

We are excited to announce our partnership with Rosenthal Financial Services.


Rosenthal & Rosenthal is the leading factoring, asset-based lending, purchase order financing, d2c and e-commerce inventory financing firm in the United States. Founded in 1938 by Imre J. Rosenthal, the firm is now led by the third generation of the Rosenthal family. As a privately held company, Rosenthal is committed to providing personalized service and flexible lending to clients across a broad range of industries. Check their Booster profile on Kompass here.

The Rosenthal Difference:

We are a Family
We began as a family business back in 1938, and we are still a family business today. But, the Rosenthal family extends far beyond our last name, because we consider our employees and our clients as part of our family too. And, we really mean that.

We are all about Personal Attention
Providing a superior level of personal attention to each of our clients has always been The Rosenthal Way. Your dedicated account officer is here for all of your day-to-day business needs, and our entire team is available to help you at any time.

We are Private
As a private company, we are able to evaluate your business needs and respond quickly. We have a streamlined credit process unlike today’s highly regulated financial institutions. Our independence enables us to be the most nimble and entrepreneurial firm in the industry.

We are Your Partner
Rosenthal understands your industry, which means we understand your business. We can strategize together, review opportunities you’re considering, or help you find solutions for many of your business-related issues. Whether you need a new accountant, a different warehouse arrangement, or even a simple over advance, Rosenthal is here to help you with all of your business decisions.

We are In This Together
Our goal is to help you keep your business moving forward. We’re not only with you in good times, but we’re also ready to help find solutions during challenging times. Your success is always our priority.


Recourse Factoring

Recourse factoring typically offers higher advances, more flexible credit requirements and straightforward pricing, giving companies the working capital they need, when they need it.

  • Fast, simple and flexible funding option that accelerates the cash cycle when cash payments/outflows don’t match invoice terms
  • Speed to close (days, not weeks)
  • Access to credit and collection support as well as payment processing
  • No financial covenants; focus on quality of accounts receivable vs. historical financial performance
  • Seamless online process with 24/7 account access

Non-recourse & International Factoring

Factoring is for businesses that sell products on terms and need credit protection, collection and management of their receivables, and/or advances on NR and inventory.

  • Clients ranging from start-ups to mature businesses with more than $1B in sales
  • Loan size up to $20 MM+
  • Collateral, including commercial A/Rand inventory, intellectual property and real estate
  • International Factoring
  • Cash advances up to $15 MM+; advance rates up to 90% on eligible foreign accounts receivable

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending is for businesses that sell a product or service on terms and require a credit facility secured by the company’s assets.

  • Revolving lines of credit ranging from $1M-$20 MM+
  • Collateral, including commercial A/Rand inventory, in addition to intellectual property, real estate and machinery & equipment
  • Covenant-lite facilities working for businesses with both positive and negative EBITDA
  • Metal Leasing: gold, silver, palladium, and platinum

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing, through Rosenthal Trade Capital, is an alternative inventory financing solution for cash-constrained businesses that need incremental working capital.

  • Transactional funding from $250 K-$20 MM+
  • Advances up to 100% of the cost of the required inventory purchases
  • Funding available for both finished goods and WIP transactions
  • Supports international and domestic inventory purchases


A one-stop financial solution tackling the unique challenges facing high-growth OTC and e-commerce businesses.

  • Loans between $500 K to $2.5 MM, with facilities up to $20 MM as your needs grow
  • Incremental working capital that pairs well with longer-term venture debt or equity to support rapid growth, without the regulatory restrictions of a bank
  • Trade credit financing to facilitate inventory purchases earlier in the supply chain

Who are Rosenthal’s Ideal Prospects:

  • Bank declinations, exits and or instances where the foreign receivables exceed the incumbent lender’s credit appetite
  • Prospect with roots in the USA or Canada, with domestic and foreign AR
  • Minimum sales 3mil
  • Minimum facility 500k, maximum facility 30mil
  • Terms of sale 30-120 days
  • Trading experience with the debtors

Click here to explore more about Rosenthal and their services, or contact them directly to start your journey.

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