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Find new prospects
in just a few clicks

EasyList is a simple, effective online solution that allows you to create a customized list of prospects from the Kompass database. Ideal for one-off direct marketing and email campaigns, our data and search criteria help you precisely target your lead generation.

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Target executives directly

Identify and reach the right people for your email campaigns to maximize your chance of success!

Locally sourced information

Our expert team of data specialists collect and verify data from businesses in over 70 countries, so you can access valuable knowledge with even leaving your office. This global network sets Kompass apart from the rest.


Select from more than 53 million companies globally

With EasyList, you can build your own customised contact file according to your needs and enjoy unsurpassed access to more than 21 million B2B companies around the world. Not everyone has access to such a big pool of prospective clients!

Select multiple search filters

EasyList contains 13 key search criteria which includes company activity, location, executive contact, company size, turnover & type. This means you can select and refine your search to focus on the right types of potential customers.


Flexible download in a few clicks

Flexible creation of your targeted campaigns as and when needed, as well as online guidance to help you create and download your list of prospects, both of which save you time and money.

Three simple steps

First, target your search by selecting your desired criteria.

Next, select the data you want to include.

Finally, download the data file.

Creating your own list of companies couldn’t be easier!


User-friendly Tool

  • On-demand lead generation
  • Download your list immediately

Robust Data

  • 21M+ companies in over 70 countries
  • Target prospects using 13 key search criteria

Tested. Proven.

EasyList meets the need for simplicity and speed, while providing accurate and up-to-date information. This flexible data solution lets you easily target new prospects, making lead generation on-demand.

Our clients grew their business

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Find new prospects in a few clicks

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