General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Certificate

To whom it may concern:

For 70 years, KOMPASS International has been the leader of the B to B marketing information in 60 countries of the world.

It has always complied to the regulations that are governing this business in the different countries in which it operates.

More generally:

  • – Kompass International collects no sensitive data on persons (political opinions, race etc…)
  • – Our data providers have signed a contract which makes it clear that they comply to the data policy rules enforced in their country.
  • – As a central data provider, we enforce a strict policy under which Executive emails are only made available for exporting in the 3 countries that authorize this general use, namely the US, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. Extension to other countries is made only if local regulation enables such a use.
  • – Access to our databases is strictly restricted, and access to the data by our internal team members is also managed.
  • – We enable and guarantee the right for all persons listed in our database to correct their data or ask for their retrieval.

When it comes to enforcing the new European GDPR regulations, we would first like to recall that we do already operate in European countries, respecting the existing regulations such as the German and the French ones for example.

Most of the technical provisions of GDPR were already enforced under the existing laws (in France for example).

For the few provisions that are completely new, we certify that Kompass has enforced a specific compliance project and will be ready and compliant when needed.

The main changes in (i) data collection processes, (ii) data warehouse privacy, (iii) “droit à l’oubli”, will be enforced before May 2018 and do not require major issues.

We hope that these explanations will enable you to maintain your trust in Kompass.

We are proud to be one of the most respected and senior companies in our business, and we see this regulation as an opportunity to upgrade even more our processes, and as a long-term incentive to develop more intelligent services and bring value to our clients and database members in a less intrusive way.

We will commit the necessary resources to bring the best to our client through a fully compliant approach.