Register Today- 2024 NASBITE Conference

Check out Kompass's presentation at this year's NASBITE conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Attend the NASBITE International Annual Conference to enhance your understanding of current trends in international trade. Register now for the 2024 NASBITE International Annual Conference held in Las Vegas, NV during April 9 – 11!

The conference offers a comprehensive platform for learning and networking on various aspects of international business, trade, and education. And while you are there, don’t miss the session titled, “Powering Exports: Research Database + Online Presence + Government Tenders + AI ‐ Putting It All Together,” presented by Rufiya Blank, Kompass North America’s VP of Business Development in the afternoon on April 10th.

The conference will be held at the Sahara Las Vegas. You can find the full schedule here which includes boot camps, conferences, speakers, roundtable sessions, receptions, and more. Registration information, hotel blocks, and other important information can be found on the NASBITE website as they become available.

Keynote Speeches will include…

  • Service Exporting: “Putting Las Vegas on the Global Map: How We Became a Top International Destination” by Bruce Bommarito, Bommarito Global Strategies, Caesars Entertainment, NV State Tourism
  • “10 and 5: Ten Ways Cross‐Border eCommerce and Trade Will Change in the Next Five Years” Josh Halpern, CEO and Founder, Getting to Global Initiative

And many more presentations are included, check out the 2024 program here. Register now!

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