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Kompass Booster presents the International Advertising Profile: Priced at $1100 for 12 months, this premium option offers SEO exposure in 26 languages, backlinks, unlimited product posts, and even a complimentary blog post. It’s the ultimate package to expand your business globally and attract a diverse audience.

With Kompass Booster, unlock an array of benefits that will elevate your business:

  • Customizable Profile Page: Showcase your company in the B2B Portal, viewed by over 26 million profiles and 8 million monthly visitors. Tailor your profile with product posts, news, videos, offers, and catalogs to effectively highlight your strengths and services.
  • Real-time Audience Analysis: Stay ahead of your audience’s engagement with monthly activity reports available on your Kompass personal home page. Track backlinks, profile views, website clicks, calls, and messages received to measure your impact and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • Actionable Market Insights: Gain valuable insights into demand trends, enabling you to adapt your offers to the most sought-after products in your sector. The data is easily accessible and compatible with Excel, making analysis and action effortless.
  • SEO Optimization: Stand out across all search engines with a unique SEO-optimized showcase for your business profile. Improve your rankings, drive organic traffic, and attract potential clients straight to your inbox.
  • Enhanced Credibility: The Kompass Booster profile enhances your company’s credibility, especially for exporters and importers, providing potential clients with the assurance they need to do business with you.

In essence, Kompass Booster transforms your company’s profile into a high-converting B2B sales funnel, leading to increased visibility, more leads, and ultimately, higher profits. Bid farewell to prospect hunting; with Kompass Booster, they come to you!

To witness the real impact of Kompass Booster, explore the compelling case study “How Accumold Leveraged Kompass Booster for High-Quality B2B Traffic and Conversions.

Explore a World of Opportunities with Kompass EasyBusiness

But that’s not all! Kompass North America also introduces Kompass EasyBusiness, an invaluable resource that opens doors to over 60 million companies in 70 countries. This one-year subscription deal is a steal, allowing you to tap into expansive company databases across various regions:

  • USA: 17 million companies at your fingertips.
  • Canada: Over 1.1 million companies eager to connect.
  • UK: A massive increase from 631K to 5.1 million companies, offering vast potential for business growth.
  • Belgium and Netherlands: +1.7 million new companies, taking the total to over 2.2 million and 2.1 million, respectively.
  • Spain: Access +470K new companies, reaching a total of over 2.7 million.
  • Switzerland: Explore +240K new companies, totaling 644K.
  • Ukraine: Discover +184K new companies, making it 584K in total.
  • Romania: Delve into +827K new companies, making the total reach 881K.

The list goes on! Kompass EasyBusiness is a treasure trove of opportunities, giving you the power to expand your business network globally and connect with potential partners and clients worldwide.

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