The challenges of B2B mobile prospecting from EMB Europe

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The mobile phone has become an essential communication channel today, as its uses have developed. EMB experts decipher the challenges of mobile prospecting for businesses, particularly for B2B prospecting.

Mobile prospecting is still booming

Having been expanding for several years, mobile prospecting has increased since the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly with regard to the use of SMS. According to the 2022 SMS marketing barometer , this market grew by more than 12% compared to the previous year. 

If transactional SMS still represents the majority of the more than 12 billion SMS sent, nearly 5 billion promotional SMS were sent by brands in 2022. Which tends to confirm the status of SMS as the means of communication favored by companies to generate interactions with their customers and prospects. This is verified in uses, in particular with the development of the use of B2B SMS files by companies to carry out their commercial prospecting operations.

Stronger, more personalized interactions

Among the many benefits of mobile prospecting, engaging message recipients is arguably the most important, particularly with SMS.

Indeed, the figures observed, whether opening rates, reading rates, or even those relating to click rates, show that mobile prospecting is today the one which most favors interactions. This is particularly the case for prospecting by SMS which displays rates two to three times higher than those of other channels, and more particularly in B2B.

This is explained in particular by the direct and instant contact with the recipients of the messages. But also by the extremely fine personalization that can be implemented with mobile marketing.

With the evolution of uses, B2B SMS marketing has become democratized. Its use has changed. No more sending a single mass message. From now on, we favor more segmented and precisely targeted shipments.

Data= Fuel for Efficient Mobile Prospecting

To successfully implement effective personalization, it is necessary to have data complementary to the telephone number.

With its B2B database containing more than 1.5 million mobile data, making it the deepest on the market both in volume and selection criteria, EMB is able to provide you with solutions to this problem. . You will be able to contact professionals, including many decision-makers and managers, working in different sectors of activity, such as construction, real estate, automobiles and even telecommunications. More than a million companies are now listed.

Personalization also means cross-referencing data to create very rich profiles. Personalization is also the enrichment of CRMs used by companies. However, many of them do not have, or too few, mobile phone numbers in the tools they use.

EMB can help you build a unique profile resulting from a cross-referencing of data from its different databases. Or suggest that you apply intentional criteria to segment your campaigns and those of your clients in an ultra-precise manner.

Obviously, all of the data collected by EMB is verified and certified , in accordance with current regulations such as the GDPR, and is very regularly updated.

To get a more precise idea of ​​the volume of data offered by EMB, you can carry out a simulation or even carry out your campaign independently on our counting solution .

Best Practices for B2B Mobile Prospecting

EMB experts give you some tips for successfully carrying out your B2B mobile prospecting campaigns

SMS marketing campaign: Write a short and precise message that succinctly presents your offer. Your message must be direct because it will not be associated with any images. Don’t forget to include a clickable link or callback request in your messages.

Telemarketing campaign: Put yourself in the shoes of the person being contacted to prepare your approach message. Be direct and concise, while remaining kind. You can also rely on a robot to qualify your first exchanges and then focus on the people who have accepted a callback request.

This article was originally published in French on EMB Europe. Contact the EMB Europe sales teams to find out more.

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