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Market Ranking Report
Market Ranking Report

Reach the right
markets at the
right time

Customized insights for new and experienced exporters

New Service for Exporters

To better serve US and Canadian exporters, Kompass North America just added a new service: Market Ranking. Choose 5, 10, or 20 countries, and we will provide you with a report detailing your Market Ranking in those countries. Kompass will identify potential distributors and trends in your top countries thanks to our worldwide company database. On top of that, the market ranking will improve your online visibility to attract potential clients in the selected markets.

Unlock your Global Potential selecting the right markets with our Market Ranking report. Need help deciding which markets to invest in? Get a customized analysis based on your product's fit with the consumers, economy, growth, access and risk on a country-by country basis. Get the data you need to accelerate your international development.

  • Picto/Go to Market plan Created with Sketch. Focus your strategy with actionable insights
  • Picto/2_Possibility of visibility in up to 66 countries simultaneously Created with Sketch. Leverage global data on your products
  • Picto/collaborators Copy 3 Created with Sketch. Optimize sales & marketing resources
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Build your strategy

An export strategy begins with good data

Only 15% of SMEs have an export strategy, which means they're missing out on a world of opportunity.

75% of SMEs make export decisions based on opportunities in bad markets for their products.

A Kompass Market Ranking Report will give you the data you need to create a strategy based on customized, trustworthy data.

Market Ranking Screen
Trustworthy data

Reliable sources. Powerful analytics.

Kompass Market Ranking Report brings together the information you need to chart a course for your company's exporting future
- Analyze market data
- Identify trends
- View social media analytics
- Consider cultural fit

Market Ranking Report
Bespoke for you

Tailored to your industry and your product

Analyze world markets based on your industry. Get information about:
- Ease of access
- Products and competition
- Consumers & cultural fit
Kompass Market Report segments international trade data based on your industry so you can zero in on the right markets for your product.

Kompass Market Ranking Report

Market Ranking Report

Talk to an Expert

Data you can act on

  • Gathered from verified sources
  • Up to date with current analytics
  • Customized by industry
  • Sensitive to culture
  • Built by international trade experts

Countries ranked by

  • Consumer Profile
  • Economic Strength
  • Growth Potential
  • Ease of Access
  • Risk

Tested. Proven.

We are experts in export market selection and our reports are individualized for each exporter. When we provide our advice, we take into consideration the industry, the profile of the company, and the product. Our algorithm, managed by experts, takes into consideration a lot more than basic Export Trade data, and customizes reporting to show you what you need to know to make the right export decisions.

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Market Ranking Report

International Trade Analytics

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