Why you need to be present on the Kompass Directory

Reach a wider audience and bring in more sales, list your company on Kompass's global directory.

Depending on the activity, you may be competing with a ton of results on Google. Today, it is a considerable challenge to be on page one when it comes to organic searches. Backlinks help but alone are not always enough to hit page one.

This is where Kompass comes in.

Kompass’s global directory reaches over 8 million viewers a month, and listing your company on it is easy! If you want more customers, make sure you aren’t missing out on views from the global Kompass Online Directory – it’s only $40 for 12 months or $60 for 24 months to add your USA or Canadian company. Listing your company with Kompass will help drive more potential visitors to your website.

We have the following SEO registration options available on Kompass USA and Canada:

  • Basic web presence– this includes 48-hour rush registration and SSL verification, one product post, (no advertising, no backlinks) for $40/12 months or $60/24 months.
  • Kompass Booster advertising profile International- this includes SEO in 26 languages, backlinks, unlimited product posts, and one free blog post starts from $1100/12 months.

Simply put, our Kompass Booster service enhances your company’s profile in the directory and transforms it into a very high-converting B2B sales funnel. And most importantly, you’ll get quotation requests from prospects coming directly to you. Kompass Booster comes with:

    • Priority Listing
    • Videos
    • 24/7 profile content updates
    • Optimized and responsive web design
    • Ability to improve your SEO and Google Rank
    • Promote your bestselling product or service
    • Uniquely powerful & accurate company profiling using Kompass classification
    • Product posts
    • Backlinks and stats
    • Other targeted advertising options by request

Please see the samples of the Booster advertising profiles below:




You can register for the Basic Web Presence package here through our secure payment link.

Or to create a Kompass Booster advertising profile (for USA/Canada or International visibility), contact us and we’ll help you set up a customizable package. And if you are an SMB, you can save an additional 15%!

If you are interested in a more detailed analysis of the impacts of Kompass Booster, check out this case study on How Accumold used Kompass Booster to drive High-Quality B2B traffic and Conversions.


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