What’s Next for Ukraine? Global is Good from the Global Chamber

Kompass partner, Global Chamber, recently spoke with Igor Novikov, the advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy about what's next for Ukraine and how to help.  

Kompass partner, Global Chamber, is running strong with its “Global Is Good” initiative. This is a multi-year, ‘forever’ initiative that spotlights the goodness of global business including exporting, trade and investment, and identifies more opportunities for members and leaders to succeed.

As part of Global is Good, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Advisor Igor Novikov made a return visit to Global Chamber® recently and spoke about what’s next, how we can help, rebuilding Ukraine, ‘Shoe Polish’ Guiliani, and more. Thanks to Eliz Nestorov of the US-Bulgarian Chamber in America for collaborating, and all the experts who joined from Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Uzbekistan, and more here.

You can help support Ukrainian enterprises that are still exporting their products.

Even if you don’t need some tools, toys, sweets, textiles, giftware, handmade products, craft goods, dried herbs, frozen berries, IT products & services – you can buy them just to support Ukrainian people, who continue to work.

We have a new link in our Kompass directory to make it easier to find and buy from Ukrainian exporters. You can find a list of all Ukrainian exporters directly by using the upper left tab under « Find supplier » or using the list linked here and find out if the Ukrainian company can sell their products to you. Kompass Ukraine updates this data regularly.


The “Global is Good” Initiative

Thinking and acting globally creates prosperity, connectivity, and understanding for those with the background and initiative to engage. That prosperity comes from trade through exchanges of goods and services, distributing wealth across proactive leaders and communities.

This initiative sponsored by Global Chamber® will share information and success stories through our members to explain more why ‘global is good’, to adjust the mindset of all leaders to be open to global engagement, and then create the mechanisms to make it easier for them to get involved with global opportunities. It’s important for all of us, our children, our communities, and the future.

The Global Is Good initiative takes the next steps with a regular series of discussions with top global leaders and thinkers starting Tuesday the 23rd (Shrijeet Mishra) and Thursday the 25th (Terri Morrison, Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands®).

First… Shrijeet Mishra, Chief Innovation Officer at Aditya Birla, on global innovation, success, and impact.

Second… Terri Morrison, Author of Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands®, bestselling guide to doing business around the world, with Mike Patterson, Shareholder at Spencer Fane.

Join us for ‘Global is Good’ here.


You can support the Ukrainian people by purchasing from one of these exporters or using Kompass’s list of Ukrainian exporters.

CONTACT US with any questions.




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