US Commercial Service Assists $134 Billion in US Goods and Services Exports in FY22: Highlights and Resources for Exporters

2022 was a stellar year for exporters, let Kompass help you make 2023 even better.

The US Commercial Service is honored to have accompanied thousands of you on your exporting journeys in the fiscal year 2022. Some highlights:

  • The 32,000+ U.S. companies that USCS assisted exported $134 billion in U.S. goods and services
  • These exports supported over 590,000 U.S. jobs
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) accounted for 85% of the exporters that were assisted, including rural, minority, veteran, and women-owned firms
  • SME clients generated average exports worth $2.2 million (most recent data available, 2021)

As you ramp up your export activities in 2023, check out the tools and resources that are available 24/7 to help you:

  • Get better at exporting
  • Find new markets
  • Connect with our experts
  • Participate in a trade event

For assistance finding exporters, generating leads, or connecting with suppliers across the United States of America (or on a global scale, Kompass is here to help.

You can have access to the EasyBusiness database with over 17 million USA-based companies, and over 60 million globally.

What is EasyBusiness?

EasyBusiness is a powerful marketing and segmentation tool that the whole company can use. At its heart is the database with over 17 million business profiles in the United States alone. But the real power of the EasyBusiness tool comes with its crowning feature: the search engine.

The EasyBusiness search engine gives you and your team more than 60 criteria to search with. These include simple things like industry, location, and company size. But it also includes tougher criteria, such as turnover rates.

If your company is going global, EasyBusiness from Kompass North America has a worldwide reach, with more than 60 million business profiles across the world. Access to EasyBusiness is available 24 hours a day with your subscription, so you and your team can access this vital information whenever you need it.

How Can My Business Use EasyBusiness?

As you can imagine, EasyBusiness is a great tool for marketing and sales. Get the sales team on EasyBusiness and they’ll finish prospecting in no time. Let marketing try it out and they’ll be able to figure out how to segment the market before you know it. Just enter your criteria into the search engine and you’ll be able to produce prospect lists almost as fast as you can think of segments.

But that’s not all your team can use EasyBusiness for. Human Resources can find detailed legal information. Your financial team can look up detailed information on competitors, prospects, and partners.

Since the pandemic, Kompass EasyBusiness also became a very valuable tool for manufacturers to search for new local suppliers. Ask our Kompass experts about our special industry analysis available.

Whatever data you need, you’ll be able to find it on EasyBusiness.

And in case you’re thinking EasyBusiness is only for huge businesses with thousands of employees, think again! EasyBusiness has plenty to offer small and medium-sized businesses, business schools and libraries.


Interested? Check out our special offer on an EasyBusiness subscription, or contact us today!



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