The advertising market stabilizes in the first half

Here are the latest trends and market dynamics in the advertising industry as it rebounds and stabilizes in the first half of 2023 by Marie-Juliette Levin

Over the first 6 months of 2023, the advertising market is resisting and stabilizing after the slowdown observed in the 1st quarter. The results of the traditional unified survey carried out by IREP, France Pub and Kantar, announced on September 12, reassure key player a little.

On the scope observed by IREP (television, cinema, radio, press, outdoor advertising, advertising mail, unaddressed printed matter) which also includes digital revenue (search, display, social and other levers), total net advertising revenue s amount to 7.739 billion euros, an increase of +0.2% compared to the first half of 2022, and remain well above their pre-crisis level at +15.3% compared to the first half of 2019 .

Digital and radio are driving the market

If the market as a whole, bringing together the 5 media combined, i.e. television, cinema, radio, press and outdoor advertising (including their digital revenue), is down -4.2% compared to the first half of 2022 , certain media are doing well. Indeed, cinema, radio and outdoor advertising are showing positive results. Cinema continues its recovery steadily in H1 2023 at +20.9% vs. H1 2022, and is increasingly closing its gap compared to H1 2019. Radio shows growth of +2.3% vs. H1 2022 . Digital revenues from television, radio and the press have shown a more contained dynamic since the start of the year at +3.2% vs H1 2022, while significantly exceeding H1 2019 with growth of +46.6%. Note on the digital side of these 3 media, the continued acceleration of the audio format (+28.2% vs H1 2022) and the notable progression of the video format (+13.6% vs H1 2022). By integrating DOOH, the cumulative digital revenues of the 4 media confirm their growth at +3.7% vs. H1 2022. Outdoor advertising is growing in a more contained manner at +1.4% vs. H1 2022, with two universes on the rise: street furniture at +2.6% vs H1 2022 and transport at +6% vs H1 2022. Two worlds are in decline: outdoor and shopping. On the other hand, the DOOH segment continues its dynamic at +5.1% vs. H1 2022.

The press and TV on the decline

Conversely, the press, television, advertising mail and unaddressed printed matter are marking time. The press as a whole fell by -3.4% compared to H1 2022 and increased its gap compared to H1 2019 to -17%. Television revenues continue to fall to -7.7% vs. H1 2022. Advertising mail is down at -9.5% vs. H1 2022 and down significantly by -28.7% vs. H1 2019. Printed material without address show a decrease of -15.6% vs. H1 2022 despite the strong momentum of the digital prospectus (+59.1% vs. H1 2022).

Lidl and Leclerc, at the top of the advertisers

In the first half of 2023, Kantar Media has 51,624 active advertisers; this result takes into account the integration in the day before of 3 new major social platforms: Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. On digital, 40,513 advertisers communicated this semester, or 78% of market players. In detail, the top 10 advertisers together displaying +8% gross advertising pressure vs. H1 2022 . On the 1st step, Lidl is still at the top of the ranking but is stabilizing its advertising pressure this semester vs. H1 2022 after having made good progress in recent years. He is followed by E. Leclerc who displays one of the strongest increases (+23% vs H1 2022). The 5 distributors in the TOP 10 all show double-digit growth compared to H1 2019. Amazon is the only distributor in decline this half-year although it has so far posted increases of more than 50%. Likewise, Orange is declining this half-year (-16%) after a sharp increase in 2022. Note that McDonald’s, positioned 5th, is constantly increasing its advertising pressure (+29%) with, among other things, a major image campaign. The automotive sector is returning to growth, with Renault (+7%) and Peugeot (+38%) increasing this half-year.

Forecasts up 2% for the year 2023

The communications market would amount to 33.4 billion euros in 2023, up +2% compared to 2022. Spending in the 5 media would decrease by -1.3%, in line with their trend of middle term. Note, after a period of very strong expansion, digital growth is expected to decline to +4.7%, a sign of possible maturity.

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