Summer 2023 Offer on Kompass Booster and EasyBusiness!

Save 15% on a full year of Kompass Booster or EasyBusiness!

Kompass North America is offering a special deal to help market your business, save you money, and start the year off right!

Save 15% on a full year of Kompass Booster or Kompass EasyBusiness. But act now, as this offer is only valid till the end on August 2023!

For Kompass Booster, you can choose from the following SEO registration options in USA and Canada:

  • Basic web presence– includes rush registration, SSL verification, and one product post for $40/12 months or $60/24 months. This option does not include advertising or backlinks.
  • International Advertising Profile– offers SEO in 26 languages, backlinks, unlimited product posts, and one free blog post for $1100/12 months.

Your Booster profile comes with,

  • A customizable profile page in our B2B Portal with over 26 million viewed profiles and 8 million monthly visitors.
  • High-quality showcase of your company to B2B buyers with product posts, news, videos, offers, catalogs, product posts, and more to highlight strengths and services.
  • Real-time analysis of your audience with monthly activity reports on your Kompass personal home page, including backlinks, profile views, website clicks, calls, and messages received.
  • The ability to track results with clear, actionable information on demand trends, including Excel compatibility, to adapt offers to the most sought-after products in your sector.
  • Unique SEO-optimized showcase for your business profile to increase long-term visibility and stand out from your competitors across all search engines.
  • A boost to your company’s credibility, trustworthiness, and legitimacy with a Booster profile, which is especially reassuring to exporters and importers.
  • And long-term profitability! With Kompass Booster, you’ll rank better in our directory and improve your SEO rankings, scooping up more organic traffic and driving quote-hungry prospects right to your inbox.

Simply put, our Kompass Booster service enhances your company’s profile in the directory and transforms it into a very high-converting B2B sales funnel. And most importantly, you’ll get quotation requests from prospects coming directly to you.

If you are interested in a more detailed analysis of the impacts of Kompass Booster, check out this case study on How Accumold used Kompass Booster to drive High-Quality B2B traffic and Conversions.

You can also save big on a year-long subscription to Kompass EasyBusiness and its 59+ million company database in 70 countries. This includes,

  • USA: 17 million companies
  • Canada: 1.1 million companies
  • UK: Huge increase from 631K to 5.1M companies
  • Belgium: +1.7M new companies, up to over 2.2M total
  • Netherlands: +1.7M new companies, up to almost 2.1M total
  • Spain: +470K new companies, over 2.7M total
  • Switzerland: +240K new companies, 644K total
  • Ukraine: +184K new companies, 584K total
  • Romania: +827K new companies, 881K total
  • And many more!

Click here to contact us and claim your 15% discount with the code: AUG2023 till August 30, 2023.


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