Newest Book You Need to Pre-Order: Make It in America, How International Companies and Entrepreneurs Can Successfully Enter and Scale in U.S. Markets

Make It in America provides valuable insights and practical advice for international business people and entrepreneurs. It includes lessons about entering and scaling in the U.S. from businesses from South Korea, Scotland, Italy, India, Germany, France, England, Denmark, Colombia, Canada, and Australia.

The definitive guidebook for business expansion and creation in the U.S. from a noted market development expert, thought leader, and teacher.

The U.S. is the best market for business, as it has the biggest economy, wealthiest consumers, the largest pool of investors, and a pro-business legal system. But foreign businesspeople and entrepreneurs often struggle with its complexity and oddities. The forthcoming book, Make It in America; How International Companies and Entrepreneurs Can Successfully Enter and Scale in U.S. Markets (Wiley), addresses these needs and helps Americans understand these challenges. Based on extensive research and interviews with over 150 business leaders in 40 countries, this book provides valuable insights, useful tools, and practical advice on a wide range of topics, including how to finance, market products, manage legal and tax issues, protect intellectual property, work with Americans, and navigate the U.S. immigration system. It also includes more than a dozen case studies and lessons from businesses that tried to enter the U.S. market from every continent.

Written by Matthew Lee Sawyer, a business and marketing strategist who has helped to propel dozens of successful brands and start-up businesses for both U.S. and international companies. Currently, Matthew is Managing Director of Rocket Market Development LLC and teaches at Columbia University and New York University (NYU).

Praise for the book:

A great guidebook that you will keep referring to throughout your U.S.-bound business journey
– David Edelman, Harvard Business School professor and former CMO of Aetna

The book should be mandatory reading for anyone considering bringing his or her entrepreneurial dream to the United States.
– David S. Rose, Founder of New York Angels, Gust, and True Global Ventures

Simply said, anyone dreaming to come to the U.S. – regardless of the industry and business idea – will benefit from Make It In America.”
– Marc Somnolet, President of the French- American Chamber of Commerce

This book could be titled Start Here, and you’d be wise to do so.”
– Beth Comstock, former Vice Chair of GE


Make It in America goes on sale December 1, 2022, and is available now for pre-order on: AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million – Wiley Publishing.


The author is available for interviews, writing articles, and public speaking. For more information contact:

Publisher: Wiley
Author: Matthew Lee Sawyer
Website for the book:
ISBN: 978-1-119-88514-6
One-minute video explaining the author’s inspiration on Vimeo.

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