May Updates from Kompass Partner, Global Chamber®

Here's news on World Trade Month, Warm Introductions, Events, and more from our partner, Global Chamber.

Kompass partner, Global Chamber, has several updates on members, events, and programs coming up. Read about them below.

World Trade Month Continues

At Global Chamber®, every day is World Trade Day, supporting members in their exporting, importing and foreign direct investment success. In all of our 525 locations around the world, the importance of trade to create prosperity and peace resonates and inspires. Join us to extend education, healthcare and trade to every corner of the worldBe global and UNSTOPPABLE! AND… we’re all busy, yet let’s each say something or do something, anything, for our neighbors in Ukraine. Support Ukraine, read more.

Global Chamber® Member News

  • Clearflow Group Gel Flocculant Technology has proven effective at improving water quality here.
  • Western/American Rare Earths confirmed a major new rare earths deposit in Wyoming here.
  • International SOS is sharing a re-introduction to travel in a webinar May 10th here.
  • Corpay is sharing How a New Age of Economic Conflict is Changing the World, May 19th here.
  • Multilingual Connections shared “The Nuance of Gender Inclusion in Translation” here.
  • Orange County World Trade Week is here, supported by Edwards Global Services & Global Chamber®.
  • V. Alexander and Benjamin Gottsch have the most amazing global supply chain update. Contact Ben.
  • Thunderbird is offering leaders the Francis & Dionne Najafi 100M Learners Global Initiative here.
  • Investment Monitor shared how Dublin’s Silicon Docks have benefitted from Brexit here.
  • Global Chamber® Kyiv encourages you to donate to the Ukrainian armed forces here.
  • Kataholos & Michael Quigley shared how to help people and not give up too much of yourself here.
  • Woodburn Accountants & Advisors next “Thrive in China” workshop is Wednesday here.
  • Global LA named it’s new President, Debbie Adler, who will speak at GC LA’s next meetup here.
  • USCS shares “Celebrating U.S. Small Businesses Going Global” in a free webinar here.
  • Global Chamber® is on youtube here, Linkedin here, and check out our blog here.

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Warm Introductions at Global Chamber®

Every day at Global Chamber® we make warm introductions for members to new clients in order to lower risk and support growth and success. Members… contact us all along the journey for assistance.

  • Over 100 million trusted contacts for new clients, partners and more… succeed.
  • 195 countries and 525 metros to grow your business, everywhere… connect.
  • Over 500 events a year for the global tribe, all free for members… engage.

Connect to New Opportunities at Global Business Events

FEATURED Globinar “Doing Business in… Kuwait”  A Collaborative Event via Global Chamber® Miami, BWI & LA

Tuesday, May 17 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm London / 6pm Kuwait – Join us via zoom HERE

Check out more globinars and events in May and June.


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