Kompass North America and The Triana Group, Inc. Partner for Enhanced Business Development


Kompass North America, a leader in business data solutions, and The Triana Group, Inc., announce a reciprocal partnership as a member of the international network Globallians.

Globallians was born of a simple observation: companies with international projects have specific needs in each country in which they wish to expand. And yet, each market has its own specificities, habits, and relational fabric, which only specialized experts are in a position to understand. That’s why, almost 10 years ago, a network of independent international support companies (SAI) was founded by French-speaking business leaders who share multicultural skills and fundamental values. Drawing on know-how and commitment to our customers’ success, they work closely with local companies and public and private ecosystems to help them seize the opportunities offered by international markets.

This collaboration brings together Kompass’s extensive business database with The Triana Group’s expertise in B2B business development, benefiting a diverse clientele ranging from small to large corporations and governmental agencies.


Founded in New York in 2008, The Triana Group, Inc. has introduced new products to thousands of organizations internationally. It uniquely combines two sets of activities, both of them leveraging formal relationships with more than 1,700 experts in a growing range of sectors: Market Analysis & Strategy Services; Distribution & Representation. This hybrid nature makes it quite unique, combining PhD-level analytical competencies with strategic and tactical sales capabilities. Executives in some of the world’s best organizations have joined The Triana Group’s panels and webinars: Medtronic, Rolls Royce, BASF, United Technologies, Whirlpool, Bristol Myers Squibb, L’Oreal, Siemens, Nestle, SpaceX, Federal Aviation Administration, MIT, and many more.

“We are driven by a passion for exploring new markets with innovative companies. While pursuing our mission, we uphold core values of ethics and loyalty; striving for extreme customer satisfaction through hard work, dedication, perseverance, learning and critical thinking; passion for discovery and added-value technology,” Jabril Bensedrine, CEO, The Triana Group, Inc.

“This partnership with The Triana Group, Inc. enhances our commitment to providing comprehensive market insights. It’s a symbiotic relationship that enriches both our services”, said Kompass North America’s Vice President. The CEO of The Triana Group, adds, “joining forces with Kompass North America allows us to tap into a wealth of data, enhancing our ability to offer customized, strategic solutions to our clients.”

This collaboration signifies a mutual enhancement of services, offering clients a more robust toolset for market analysis and business development.

For a limited time, companies referred by Kompass may have their offers pre-evaluated by a sample of 30 users in their target market, with discounts ranging from 80% to 100% depending on the sector. Contact for a no-commitment request form HERE.


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