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We are celebrating here at Kompass for reaching over 60 million companies in 71 countries in our EasyBusiness database! Here we highlight the opportunities for business in Brazil and how Kompass can help!

We are celebrating here at Kompass for reaching over 60 million companies in our EasyBusiness database! You now have 60 million potential connections in 71 countries to generate leads and grow your business on EasyBusiness by Kompass. In our blog today we want to highlight the opportunities for business in Brazil and how Kompass can help!

What is EasyBusiness?

EasyBusiness is a powerful marketing and segmentation tool that the whole company can use. At its heart is the database with over 14 million business profiles in the United States alone. But the real power of the EasyBusiness tool comes with its crowning feature: the search engine.

The EasyBusiness search engine gives you and your team more than 60 criteria to search with. These include simple things like industry, location, and company size. But it also includes tougher criteria, such as turnover rates.

If your company is going global, EasyBusiness from Kompass North America has a worldwide reach, with more than 60 million business profiles across the world. Access to EasyBusiness is available 24 hours a day with your subscription, so you and your team can access this vital information whenever you need it.

The Kompass database includes 851,369 businesses in Brazil.



The U.S Commerce Service reports, “The pet industry managed to maintain its reign in Brazil despite the pandemic, political turmoil, and economic crisis. In a country with more dogs than children, the pet products market has expanded. In the last five years, the pet food and accessories sector grew 87%.

With people spending more time at home, they started to invest more in their animals. Isolation also made many people decide to adopt their first pet. Some surveys show that the segment grew 13.5% in 2020 in the country compared to 2019. The increase in the number of adoptions of dogs and cats also influenced the expansion of the market

The sector was also favored by being classified as essential, which allowed veterinary shops and clinics to stay open amid restrictions imposed intermittently in the country since March 2020. The economic impact of the pandemic, however, should not overshadow the future of the pet market, which is expected to grow by 87% by 2026.

In 2021, according to Euromonitor International, Brazil should be the sixth largest pet market in the world. The country is already the world’s second largest market for dog food (54.2 million in 2018, according to Pet Brazil) and third for pet food, behind the United States and China.”

Not only in the pet sector, but Brazil has huge growth opportunities in power, energy and utility sectors. The latest Research and Markets report on Brazil Power Growth Opportunities highlighted the increasing energy demand in Brazil, as well as, shifts to renewables and decentralized energy that will shape the sector through 2030.

New business models are emerging across business sectors in Brazil and opening opportunies for business expansion and growth. Let Kompass North America help you find leads and partners in Brazil and 70 other countries across the globe. Whatever data you need, you’ll be able to find it on EasyBusiness. Contact us today!

Over 60 million companies are available to you in 71 countries on EasyBusiness by Kompass

2011 📈 3.5M companies
2016 📈 5M of companies
2018 📈 21M companies
2019 📈 43M companies
2021 ✅ 60M companies

This includes over 13 million email addresses, over 19 million websites, and over 34 million phone numbers for businesses across the globe. If you’re interested in learning more about our current offers or how to save on an EasyBusiness subscription, contact us today!



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