Kompass EasyBusiness Summer 2022 Update

Save time, make money! Kompass North America will help you find potential buyers. Read on for updates on EasyBusiness database size, new features and more!

Save time, make money! We are over halfway through the year and it is time to make the most out of the summer with tools that save time and make money, like Kompass EasyBusiness.

EasyBusiness makes it easy to connect with companies across 70 countries, do market analyses, and find local suppliers. At Kompass, we’ve been doing the hard part for you for over 70 years, collecting, vetting, and compiling trustworthy and reliable data so that you can reap the benefits.

The benefits of using EasyBusiness by Kompass are limitless, including:

  • Access to contact data for over 60 million companies globally.
  • Reliable and accurate contact information for companies and executives worldwide. Over 11.9 million corporate emails, 8.7 million executive emails, and 33 million phone numbers.
  • Easily exportable marketing reports for your targeted country or area with just a few clicks. Plus, the ability to add data directly to your presentation and reports.
  • Targeting and segmentation in the EasyBusiness search engine with over 60 search criteria. These include simple criteria like industry and location, but also more detailed ones like turnover rates.
  • Specialized tools like the Multi-Contact tool that allows you to target up to 100 companies and/or executives at a time.

Plus, at Kompass we are constantly improving features and adding data for our EasyBusiness service. Here are a few of the newest updates:

Big Database Updates!

  • India added a whopping +560K companies to total over 712K.
  • Czech Republic added +160K executives in the database.

Huge new features for all Sales Accelerator users in EasyBusiness

Especially designed for sales reps, new features will allow you to import accounts and contacts, enrich and customize them, create and follow up on deals, tasks and events, manage the sales pipeline and funnel, making EasyBusiness more and more an all-in-one sales & marketing solution that can make the difference for your customers and speed up your sales. 


Contacts section org-chart format for Italy, Spain and UK too

EasyBusiness users can now find all executives and contacts info on the same page for Italy, Spain, and UK companies, without having to switch between different tabs depending on the source. This new organization chart format in the Contacts section makes it simpler to have an overview of the company structure and to identify the right decision makers in the pyramid, leading to improved UX.


Save time, make money! Let Kompass North America help you find potential buyers.  And now for a special price on our EasyBusiness packagesContact us today to secure your offer or schedule a demo.


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