June Updates from Kompass Partner, Global Chamber®

Here's news on Young Global Leaders, Juneteenth, Events, and more from our partner, Global Chamber.

Kompass partner, Global Chamber, has several upcoming updates on members, events, and programs. Read about them below.

Young Global Leaders

We empower the global tribe with connections to have more impact and success. One key is advancing collaboration between experienced leaders and young global leaders because we can help each other. Join us at the next young global leaders globinar on June 23rd here in a hybrid in-person and virtual event. And connect today as well with young global leaders here in our conversation about advancing Juneteenth into practical business solutions that grow opportunities.

Global Chamber® Member News

  • Hinrich Foundation reported on the relationship between FDI and climbing global value chains here.
  • Investment Monitor shared how China has overcome this latest wave of Covid, with a cost here.
  • Investment Monitor reported on how Ukraine is targeting companies leaving Russia here.
  • Investment Monitor discussed what the current main drivers for FDI are, including the supply chain here.
  • Triad West hosts the 13th Annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards on October 28th. Info to follow here.
  • T-I-L® shared a pitch on Innovation for the upcoming Smart City Competition here.
  • Diaz Trade Law‘s Jennifer Diaz spoke about nearshoring opportunities for competitive advantage.
  • Lisa Young discusses how investing in other regions opens new doors to success, June 28th here.
  • USTDA is hosting a business briefing on June 23rd about Cote D’Ivoire Port Project Opportunities here.
  • SHRM22 Annual HR Conference and Expo started in New Orleans, are you there? More.
  • Bio2022 started in San Diego, California. More.
  • Global Chamber® Kyiv encourages you to donate to the Ukrainian armed forces here.
  • Global Chamber® is on youtube here, Linkedin here, and check out our blog here.

Send Global Chamber® member news to doug@globalchamber.org. We support the global tribe!

Warm Introductions at Global Chamber®

Every day at Global Chamber® we make warm introductions for members to new clients in order to lower risk and support growth and success. Members… contact us all along the journey for assistance.

  • Over 100 million trusted contacts for new clients, partners, and more… succeed.
  • 195 countries and 525 metros to grow your business, everywhere… connect.
  • Over 500 events a year for the global tribe, all free for members… engage.

Connect to New Opportunities at Global Business Events

Register today for one of many Meetups, Globinars, and Events this month. Check them out below:

“Global Chamber® Atlanta Advisory Board”on Wednesday, June 22

“Global Chamber® Austin: Tenant for Conscious Capital” on Thursday, June 23 

“Global Chamber® Tel Aviv Metro Meetup” on Thursday, June 23, 8:30 pm Tel Aviv

“Globinar Young Global Leaders: Toyota, Supply Chain, and More” on Thursday, June 23

“Global Chamber® Virtual League of Extrardinaries” on Friday, June 24

“Select USA Annual Event” in Washington DC on Sunday, June 26 through 29

“Global Chamber® Atlanta – Leading with a Human-Centered Focus” on Monday, June 27

“Economist’s Global Trade Week” featuring Hinrich Foundation on Day 1 June 27-30

“Global Chamber® Accra Meetup” on Tuesday, June 28 at 2 pm Accra, 7 am PT

“Globinar Global Chamber® Austin Global Men’s Health Month” on Tuesday, June 28

“Globinar Global Women Online Networking” on Wednesday, June 29 

“Global Chamber® Los Angeles Meetup with Special Guests” on Wednesday, June 29

“On Clubhouse: Export, Import & FDI News” on Thursday, June 30

“Global Chamber® Chicago Advisory Board Breakfast at Polsinelli” on Thursday, June 30

“Globinar Virtual Global Dining: South Korean Cuisine” on Thursday, June 30

Check out more globinars and events in June and July.


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