Invest in Peace with Ukrainian Exporters- Updated List!

Today, there are exporters in Ukraine that are still operational and they need our help. Here we have a complied list of confirmed exporters from all industries from food and clothing, to agricultural products and construction equipment.


If you feel Ukraine is fighting for your future as well – support Ukrainian enterprises that are still exporting their products.

Even if you don’t need some tools, toys, sweets, textiles, giftware, handmade products, craft goods, dried herbs, frozen berries, IT products & services – you can buy them just to support Ukrainian people, who continue to work.

We have a new link in our Kompass directory to make it easier to find and buy from Ukrainian exporters. You can find a list of all Ukrainian exporters directly by using the upper left tab under « Find supplier » or using the list linked here and find out if the Ukrainian company can sell their products to you. Kompass Ukraine updates this data regularly.

To make things even easier, Kompass Ukraine compiled a list of confirmed exporters below.

Confirmed Exporters (click their names for details):

UDEN-S – wall infrared heaters, “warm skirting board”, ceiling heaters, design-radiators with handmade drawings, wireless thermoregulators, ceramic heaters and ceramic towel radiators.

STALEVAR – rolled section steel, flat steel products, metal pipes and tubes, shaped rolled producs (round, square, hexagonal, tubular, etc.), non-ferrous and stainless rolled products

LEX TRADE – soya bean oil

Aviatsiya Halychyny – T-shirts, polo shirts with UA symbolics for men, women and kids

BIOENERGOBANK – wooden pellets and briquettes

DEZEGA – mine rescue systems and respiratory protective equipment

HERBASVIT – dried herbal raw materials, flowers, herbs, leaves, roots, bark, berries

DairyCo – dried milk, milk powder blends, casein, caseinates

A.M.V.-CARPATY – mineral waters (EU certified)

ALTE FOODS – frozen berries, fruit and vegetables

FERRUM-STEEL – iron and steel castings

TK-DOMTEX – textile products, bed linen, household linen, bath linen

SHANTIL – frozen bakery and pastry

GENIUSEE – mobile apps & customized software

SOLOMIA – Ukrainian embroidered shirts for men and women, hand-made carpets

BALENKO – dosing and packaging machines for bulk products

GRANUM – granite, gabbro, marble products


BETIS – clothes for babies

V-CENTER – genuine leathers and rawhides

SVK YAGIDKY – organic blueberries

FAVOR – tin plate cans and boxes for food industry, for farmaceutical and chemical industries

KOSHUN PALLETS – EPAL pallets, firewood for fireplaces, boilers, grills, and braziers

CIKERA – honey wines and meads

HAPPY FLAKES – breakfast cereals, granola, muesli bars, instant cream soups

Chateau Chizay – Transcarpathian wines (export to EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc)

TURETSKIY – modern design furniture

AVK CONFECTIONERY – sugar confectionery, chocolate

LIMASO – home textile, hotel textile, restaurant textile

LXK – charcoal

DE LA MARK – organic cleaning products and detergents

ZAVADSKI – hand-made glass chandeliers

ARONIA – apples, juices

FITOFARM-TRADE – dried flowers, herbs, berries, roots, leaves

EFFECTPROF – aluminum sections, profiles, and fittings for glass systems, door frames, and sliding door systems

FAMILY GARDEN – organic blueberries

MIRT – wooden furniture from Ukraine

2K – household chemistry, hair care products

CRH UKRAINE – Portland cement

BRANCHO UKRAINE – eco fruit and vegetable snacks: rolls, chips, and fruit-berry edible tea.

PAOLLA – footwear for men and women

SPELL – handmade chocolate sets

MENDELEEV LAB – household chemicals and cosmetics to customer specification

KOSH 1 – animal feed, protein-based supplements

MASTER MILK – equipment for the food industry (ice cream, cheese, confectionery, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables)

DRIED FOODS – dried meat snacks, fruit crisps

VTN – LED products

SHLOSEM UKRAINE – medicinal herbs, herbal extracts

TECHVAGONMASH – railcar  and wagon repair and construction equipment, robot-operated welding units; shot blasting equipment; spray-and-drying cabinets; filter ventilating equipment; equipment for construction and repair of oil pipelines, gas pipelines

Logistics Partner – International logistics, cargo handling, and export/import shipment services

GALCA – coffee, tea.

BID – pasta, spaghetti, and macaroni manufacturing machines

STUGA – workwear, uniforms, protective and safety work clothing, work footwear, medical clothes, overalls, work gloves


ARTMASH – granulator machines, wood splitters, grain, and straw grinders

GRACE – medical uniforms, Ukrainian national clothes

PLASMATEC – welding electrodes

KRISTALL – Ukrainian jewelry

VALSA-GTV – rubber linings for mills

BRATSLAV – agricultural machinery, gardening tools

TULCHINMEAT – sausages, meat products

MARKQUEN UKRAINE – display stands

RIVTRADE – agricultural products

MIDAS-TRADE – big bags, PP packaging

MARIO – towel rails, towel radiators

PODILLYA – copybooks, exercise books


VGP – facial tissues, napkins, wet wipes, paper towels, toilet paper

The factory of agricultural machines – grain cleaning and loading equipment

LOGO GROUP – plastic bags with logo, flexible packing, packaging film, PE and PP packaging

Happy Family – pet eco-cosmetics

SEEDWEALTH – halva, edible sunflower seeds

ALUMASH – aluminum sections, profiles, and structures

You can support the Ukrainian people by purchasing from one of these exporters or using Kompass’s list of Ukrainian exporters.

CONTACT US with any questions.


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