Keys to Building a Great International B2B Prospect List

Business owners who attempt to build a great international business to business prospect list may encounter roadblocks. With roughly 295 million companies worldwide it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But with the global economy set to grow by 3.1%, there is an incredible opportunity for companies to connect. Business owners […]

Business owners who attempt to build a great international business to business prospect list may encounter roadblocks. With roughly 295 million companies worldwide it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But with the global economy set to grow by 3.1%, there is an incredible opportunity for companies to connect. Business owners and marketing experts who ignore international growth are set to lose market share.

Finding solid targets in that global pool can mean the difference between exponential growth and lost revenues.

Don’t miss out on the possibilities of the digital marketplace and global e-commerce. Follow these 10 keys for building your list:

1. Perform Internal Research

First things first. Before you head off to research markets and specific targets, it is important to get your own house in order.

As you create international prospect lists you’ll want to know what these prospects will find when they research your company and your goods and services.

Plus, knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help your company to get clear internally on strategy and goals. Unless you know how the market perceives you how can you position yourself for growth.

Before you head out to research potential clients perform a thorough and unbiased search into your own company.

2. Market Research

Once you know your business strengths it’s time to make sure you understand the market. Performing market research for B2B prospecting on the international level requires insight into global economies as well as your industry competition.

You should collect consumer data, competitor data, and information at large. Before you embark on any type of marketing campaign you need to position your business internally as an expert on the international market.

3. Internal Analytics

Your current digital marketing presence needs to be one of the greatest assets you have in performing market research. You should already have great insights into the preferences of your visitors and digital network.

If not, it is time to revamp your integrated strategy between marketing and operations. A/B testing, visitor-driven content creation, sales funnel tracking, and meticulous data on return on investment (ROI) are only a small sample of strategies to deploy.

Every call to action you craft should help your team gather market research on your exact client base. Use this information to help narrow the field to the types of industries and decision makers your list should include.

4. Generating Leads

Any sales funnel you create around your brand should include lead generation. A large portion of your prospect list can be built internally.

Creating newsletters, client outreach, marketing, and content for prospective clients will help your internal lead generation. As you widen your focus to an international scope, your lead generation efforts should follow suit.

5. Customer Referrals

92% of consumers prefer earned media–or referrals–when it comes to making a buying decision. If your potential clients are hoping to be pointed in the right direction for goods and services, are you facilitating the process?

Every brand needs to define and craft its own referral strategy. But this needs to be an active effort on the part of your marketing and operations teams.

Whether you reward existing customers by making referrals that convert or encourage them in other ways to spread the word through reviews and testimonials is up to the needs of your brand.

But your prospect list should have a healthy foundation of referrals. Make sure your current clients know your international capabilities and you may just expand your business with them at the same time.

6. An Integrated Campaign

Conversions are your goal and solid targeted prospects get you there. Make sure you are utilizing an integrated approach in order to move suspects to prospects and build your list.

Social media, content creation, and traditional media need to combine to create a solid branding strategy for your international business.

Don’t depend on a single approach for great prospecting.

7. A Tiered Approach To Your Prospect List

Many companies make a single mistake when it comes to prospect lists. They lump all of their prospects together in a single set of actions.

This approach works against moving clients forward in the sales cycle. Make sure you have discreet actions planned for your suspects, prospects, and targeted leads.

By creating a tiered approach to prospecting you will be investing more time and resources in the types of prospects who respond.

8. Focus On Quality: Moving from Suspects to Prospects

Sales professionals and business development experts know that a prospect list is useless on its own. Especially in the international community, you need a sharp focus on quality leads over quantity.

The focus here on market research, internal research, referrals, and strategy has a single goal in mind: conversions.

Do not focus on building a prospect list. Focus on conversions. It’s the only way to measure your prospecting efforts in the global marketplace.

9. Use A Client-Centric Approach

What is a traditional prospect list? In the old days, sales professionals might gather a list of names of procurement specialists or C-level executives in an industry they were targeting.

It was little more than copying numbers out of the Yellow Pages. The process was anonymous and largely fruitless.

In addition, there was little room to get to know the needs of the client and their pain points.

We live in a customer-centric and client-centric business community. Less can be more with prospecting if it gives you time to create detailed marketing plans tailored to the needs of your quality leads.

Think like a client during the whole process to build a list with a high ROI.

10. Solicit Expert Support To Build Your List

If focus is a necessity for clients, the same should hold true for your business. Rather than segment your time between marketing, operations, and prospecting, it is important to get expert help.

Using the proper prospecting support can mean the difference between conversions and wasted marketing spend.

Make sure you make use of expert resources in data collection and research to maximize your prospecting efforts.

The Advantage of EasyBusiness and EasyList

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