8 Easy Tips for Efficient B2B Lead Generation

Cold calling is dead. Only 1% of them lead to an appointment, let alone a sale. Let’s be honest: You know there are better B2B lead generation tactics out there. And you need to know the best ways to gain more business from other companies. Want to know the big secret behind effective B2B lead […]

Cold calling is dead. Only 1% of them lead to an appointment, let alone a sale.

Let’s be honest: You know there are better B2B lead generation tactics out there. And you need to know the best ways to gain more business from other companies.

Want to know the big secret behind effective B2B lead generation and business marketing? Here are eight simple tips that will lead you to new clients quickly.

1. Conduct Smart Market Research

Not only should you know your ideal client, you should also have a good idea who your competitors are.

You need to have thorough, up-to-date research on your clients’ business records, average employee, what their goals are, what their competition is like, and more.

As for your competitors, you can learn what exactly other companies in your niche offer as far as products and services. This gives you the inside scoop on what you should be marketing to your clients.

With intelligent market insight, your B2B lead generation could get a whole lot easier.

2. Mobile is the Way of the B2B Lead Generation Future

Even though you are a business-to-business company, the businesses you want and their workers are all on their mobile devices. Therefore, it only makes sense to market via mobile media.

It won’t just get you eyeballs; it’ll tell you things about the potential client. LinkedIn groups give you vital information about certain companies, how they’re doing, how the industry is shifting, etc. This is a goldmine for you.

Your competitors are on mobile, your clients are on mobile. If you aren’t on mobile yet, you’re already behind.

3. Choose the Best Channels

This one depends on where your client “hangs out.”

Once you do tip number one on this list, though, you should have a good idea of where to put out B2B lead generation content. Whether it be a social media platform, LinkedIn, job boards, or something else entirely, pouring all of your efforts into one or two platforms will go a lot farther than spreading yourself thin.

And if you have doubts about where to put your content out, email subscriptions will always be around.

4. Quality Content Still Beats Quantity

Yes, the timeless adage still holds true: Quality over quantity.

In terms of B2B lead generation, if you know who your ideal client is (tip one), know where they are online (tip three), and optimize for mobile platforms (tip two), then this should be a cakewalk.

Choose multiple types of content to put out, including video, polls, images, questions, and other forms of engaging material.

Get your industry to converse; once a dialogue has started, your business has become a thought leader and clients will line up for your business.

5. Outsource or Automate

Rolling off of the previous tip, while you do need quality, outstanding content, it doesn’t have to be all you.

You are the CEO or leader of the company. You cannot be doing random Instagram posts over the weekend. Automate it by having someone else schedule the content.

Or, freelance the work. In today’s world, freelance is becoming mainstream. Get in on the cost-effective hype train and have someone do it in their pajamas from home.

It saves you money, gives you more time (which is also more money), and you get quality content for your B2B lead generation. Win-win-win.

6. Intuitive Online Advertising

Of course, you won’t get your entire clientele organically.

Google AdWords drive meaningful traffic to your sites and platforms, making for a good use of advertising dollars.

Utilize specific, niche-driven keywords in your ads, and place them in the places where your potential clients can see them front and center (i.e., tip three). Having a good mix of organic and paid traffic will get a rich audience for you to create your client base from.

7. Think Outside the Box (and the Country)

If your industry is booming worldwide, wouldn’t it be best to tap into that international market?

B2B lead generation doesn’t have to stay within geographical borders, especially if your products or services can be done electronically or shipped at a reasonable price.

With the global B2B market being a tremendous opportunity for countless exporting businesses, it’s a no-brainer to try.

8. Be Genuine and Honest

This one should also be a no-brainer, but with competition at an all-time high, it’s worth keeping it in mind.

Your business wants to help other businesses and vice versa. What’s happening is a trade of goods and/or services for compensation. So B2B lead generation marketing does NOT need to be sleazy, undercutting, or ruthless.

In fact, it has to be downright human. The single way to get people to notice you for something more than what you offer in terms of goods is to show them what you offer intrinsically.

You show people what your business really wants to achieve for them, and they won’t have a choice – they’ll go with you on principle.

Wrapping Up

While there are numerous tips and tricks out there to increase your lead generation, this is a fantastic place to start.

Use the tools at your disposal to create amazing content for your potential clients. Be honest with your business and with other businesses so that you can both succeed. Always be genuine.

If you follow these eight tips, your B2B lead generation is going to skyrocket.

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