Globinar: e-Commerce Tips, Techniques and Updates

Mark your calendars for May 16th to learn about all the latest in e-commerce!

Mark your calendars for e-Commerce Tips, Techniques, and Updates hosted by Global Chamber! This globinar will take place over Zoom on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 starting at 8 am PT/ 11 am ET.

Kompass’s own, Rufiya Blank, and Global Advisor, Kuntal Warwick, will be back with Global Chamber to discuss marketing, and this time it’s a conversation on e-Commerce. Information will be presented, followed by a conversation with the audience regarding technology, SEO, marketing aspects, market dynamics, opportunities, challenges, and more. Reserve your spot today!

You can find the biographies of the speaker and moderator below.

Rufiya Blank, Vice President of New Business Development at Kompass North America.

Rufiya Blank is the Vice President of New Business Development at Kompass North America, where she has been instrumental in helping companies expand into foreign markets by providing the Global Database research tool EasyBusiness and advertising in 26 languages. She has spent many years working in international business and never tires of it, constantly traveling to different countries and cultures to break down barriers to global business. Rufiya is a firm believer in cross-cultural acceptance and the power of diversity to help companies thrive in today’s global marketplace. She sees Kompass’s Global Research, Advertising, and Social Selling platforms as the future of global business and is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes and backgrounds to prosper. With a database of over 59 million companies worldwide, Kompass is the leading provider of high-quality B2B information. Rufiya is committed to showing businesses how to turn this information into lead generation and achieve success in a global market. As Richard Branson once said, “Every company has the potential to change the world and will not survive if it doesn’t.” For Rufiya, every day is an opportunity to do her small part in the big dream of creating a more perfect international world for people of all genders, colors, and cultures to thrive.

Kuntal Shah Warwick – Global Advisor

Propelled by a vision to connect businesses across cultures and boundaries, Kuntal strives to deliver brilliant creativity with business and industry insights. She has strategic communications, marketing, and partnership experience across sectors, with a more recent focus on innovation industries, global and digital trade. As KSW Consulting evolves into its second decade, we embark on a more global mission to help enterprises grow, communicate and tell their stories as impactfully as possible. She serves as a Global Advisor with Global Chamber and as a consultant with the California International Trade Center and Small Business Development Centers. Kuntal’s team helps a variety of businesses and organizations find worldwide success by launching or expanding into international markets. She also loves travel, arts, design, and the outdoors!

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About Global Chamber®

Global Chamber® is a growing and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in over 525 metro regions around the world, connecting member businesses to new opportunities for advancing growth and success. It’s the only chamber of commerce in the world operating in hundreds of locations that helps exporting, importing and investing for members to connect through warm introductions to clients, partners, projects and resources.

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