Freedom Business Summit 2023: Uniting Entrepreneurs and Global Citizens for a Life of Freedom


Freedom Business Summit 2023 brings together 5000+ entrepreneurs, freedom seekers, and global citizens from all over the world

Are you an entrepreneur, a freedom seeker, or a global citizen yearning for a life of liberty and autonomy? Look no further than the Freedom Business Summit 2023! This transformative event brings together over 5,000 individuals from all corners of the globe, eager to explore the realms of Freedom Business, Global Citizenship, and the Freedom Lifestyle. With a lineup of expert keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions, this three-day online summit promises to be an enlightening experience for anyone seeking to break free from the shackles of conventional living.

The Ultimate Gathering of Global Citizens

Taking place from September 26th to 28th, 2023, the Freedom Business Summit is a must-attend event for anyone seeking personal sovereignty and an independent lifestyle. With attendees representing more than 80 countries and spanning over 100 industries, the summit offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from world-renowned speakers and companies. Register here!

Key Topics and Learning Opportunities

The summit will feature a diverse range of topics, all centered around the theme of freedom of business and global citizenship. Participants will have the chance to explore the following key areas:

  • Relocation and Second Citizenship Strategies: Discover the best practices and strategies for relocating to a new country, obtaining second citizenship, and navigating the legal and logistical aspects of establishing your presence in a foreign land.
  • Sovereign Location-Independent Lifestyle and Flags Theory: Learn about the concept of a sovereign location-independent lifestyle, which allows you to establish personal freedom by diversifying your physical and legal presence across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Finding the Best Jurisdiction, Incorporation, and e-Residency: Explore the world of international business and discover the best jurisdictions for incorporating your company, taking advantage of e-Residency programs, and optimizing your global presence.
  • Global Investing Strategies, Investment Migration, and Tax Planning: Gain valuable insights from experts in global investing, investment migration, and tax planning, enabling you to make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of your financial endeavors.
  • Running a Remote Company and Managing Distributed Teams: In today’s digital age, running a remote company has become increasingly popular. Discover effective strategies for managing distributed teams, fostering productivity, and creating a successful remote work environment.
  • Building a Safety Net, Personal Sovereignty, and Inner Freedom: Explore ways to build a safety net for yourself and your business, ensuring resilience and security in an ever-changing world. Learn about personal sovereignty and inner freedom, empowering you to take control of your life and destiny.
  • Lifestyle Design and Holistic Life Approach: Design the life of your dreams and create a holistic approach to achieving personal and professional fulfillment. Gain insights into balancing work and personal life, prioritizing well-being, and nurturing a fulfilling lifestyle.

Learn from World Renowned Speakers and Companies

The Freedom Business Summit 2023 boasts an impressive lineup of world-renowned speakers and companies at the forefront of the freedom business movement. With representatives from organizations such as e-Residency Estonia, SafetyWing, Running Remote, Upwork, and many more, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain invaluable knowledge and inspiration. Hear from:

  • Sergei Zunajev, e-Residency of Estonia. Sergei is responsible for the expansion of the Estonian e-Residency programme to new markets while raising awareness about the Estonian business environment. E-Residency is a government-issued digital identity that allows entrepreneurs from all over the world start an EU-based company and manage their business from anywhere, entirely online.
  • Eva Ieridou, Belgium. Eva embraced a nomadic mindset for the most part of her life and career and acts as an evangelist for that lifestyle. She is the co-founder of NomadCyprus, a community builder, and now also works for Nokia Belgium. What brings her most joy, is creating spaces that bring people together through events where they can immerse in genuine conversations, share their experiences, and create meaningful projects.
  • Gil Petersil, Global Expert on Strategic Networking, Indonesia. Global Thought Leader on business strategy, effective networking and mastermind methodology. Co-Founder and Partnership Director at MeetPartners, a group of companies that unites educational projects in personal and business development.
  • Dhiren Harchandani. Dhiren Harchandani is a mindset and essentialism expert. He helps people achieve transformative change and overcome business, career, and life obstacles. With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, he has coached business owners whose combined revenues represent more than $750 million. His coaching experience also includes more than 2,500 hours of one-on-one and group coaching. Here are some of the programs that he has created: SuperHuman Journey, Master Your Inner Game, Power of Forgiveness, Recode Your Thoughts.
  • Alex Huditan, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Romania. Alex is an Entrepreneur, Investor, World Traveller, and Mango Juice Lover. He radically changed his life and his beliefs 6 years ago, going from a cubicle job in Bucharest to now owning multiple 7 figure companies and enjoying a real 4-hour workweek.
  • Sharon Koifman, Think Remote, Canada. Sharon Koifman is all about remote management. He has over two decades of experience running three companies 100% from his computer, with two toddlers in the room! He is the President of DistantJob, a remote recruitment agency that focuses on soliciting full-time remote workers worldwide. Along with a rapidly-expanding new media company, Think Remote, Sharon’s organization has also created a successful podcast featuring interviews with tech industry professionals about remote management and leadership.
  • Tarek Kholoussy, Nomads Giving Back, Indonesia. Tarek is a social entrepreneur with an MBA with honors from New York University and a career of working at top organizations like Goldman Sachs. In 2013, Tarek left the corporate world behind in an effort to explore the actual world. After traveling to over 100 countries, running 25 marathons and supporting social causes, in 2018, Tarek launched Nomads Giving Back! with the vision to inspire you to give back to the communities you call home away from home. In 2020, Tarek and his team launched Nomads Skillshare!, a learning platform & community empowering you to learn the skills to live the life you imagined!
  • Sondre Rash, Co-founder & CEO of SafetyWing, Norway. Sondre is a co-founder & CEO of SafetyWing and host of SafetyWing’s Building Remotely podcast, a guide on how to build and scale a remote company. Sondre’s educational background is in economics and computer science. Previously he was a policy advisor for the Government of Norway, working on their social safety net. He was also the co-founder of SuperSide (YC W16), a platform for freelance designers.

Join the Freedom Business Community

Are you ready to take the first step towards your freedom lifestyle? Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with the global community of freedom seekers, entrepreneurs, and global citizens. Register for the Freedom Business Summit 2023 today and secure your Early Bird Free Access. Visit the official event website at to reserve your spot.



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