Creating Strong Online Positioning for Global Presence event ft. Kompass NA!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 22nd at 11am ET!

Mark your calendars for a Globinar on Creating Strong Online Positioning for Global Presence hosted by Global Chamber! This globinar will take place over Zoom on Thursday, September 22nd at 8 am PT/ 11 am ET.

We’ll be discussing the importance of online presence for your business in 2022, and how to make your business far more discoverable to potential new clients. Join us for this important discussion for every business.

Hear from both Aaron Johnson of Accumold and Rufiya Blank of Kompass North America about their joint case study into the efficacy of Kompass Booster for Accumold’s marketing strategy.

Kuntal Shah Warwick will share her expertise on the importance of understanding your specific market and segment, branding, and positioning for SMB particularly.

President of the Global Chamber Doug Bruhnke will moderate the session.

Reserve your spot today!

The schedule includes:

1. Introduction by Doug Bruhnke – founder/CEO at Global Chamber

2. Discussion by Kuntal Shah Warwick on the importance of understanding your specific market and segment, branding, and positioning for SMB particularly. Finding your voice and message, telling your story. Solutions proposed by the StartUp Suite and tools.

3. Discussion by Rufiya Blank on Booster advertising by Kompass NA as one of the tools to gain positive exposure. Also, an introduction to the Accumold case study on Booster’s efficacy.

4. Discussion by Aaron Johnson, from Accumold, speaking on real challenges, and what worked and didn’t work for them.

Find biographies of the speakers below:

Rufiya Blank – Vice President of New Business Development at Kompass North America.

I have done International business for many years and I never get tired of it. I travel not only across different countries but also within different cultures. Every day I believe more and more not in cross-cultural differences, but in cross-cultural acceptance. Working for Kompass helps me to break down barriers to global business and make the world a smaller place for all of us to live and work.

At Kompass, we help companies expand into foreign markets by providing the Global Database research tool EasyBusiness and advertising in 24 languages. I believe that our Global Research, Advertising, and Social Selling platforms are the future of Global business.

Richard Branson said that “Every company has the potential to change the world, and will not survive if it doesn’t”. Every day I do my small part of the big dream of creating the perfect International world in which people of all genders, colors, and cultures can prosper.

Kompass is the leading provider of high-quality B2B information, with a database of over 59 Million companies worldwide. We will show you how to turn that information into lead generation, as well as, cover advertising to a global market in 30 languages, and socially sell your business to the planet! The world is your company’s oyster, Kompass is the tool to open it.                                          

Kuntal Shah Warwick – Global Advisor

Propelled by a vision to connect businesses across cultures and boundaries, Kuntal strives to deliver brilliant creativity with business and industry insights. She has strategic communications, marketing, and partnership experience across sectors, with a more recent focus on innovation industries, global and digital trade. As KSW Consulting evolves into its second decade, we embark on a more global mission to help enterprises grow, communicate and tell their stories as impactfully as possible. She serves as a Global Advisor with Global Chamber and as a consultant with the California International Trade Center and Small Business Development Centers. Kuntal’s team helps a variety of businesses and organizations find worldwide success by launching or expanding into international markets. She also loves travel, arts, design, and the outdoors!

Aaron Johnson – Vice President of Marketing & Customer Strategy at Accumold

Aaron Johnson is the Vice President of Marketing & Customer Strategy and a part of the technical sales team at Accumold. He is recognized as a leader on the subject on micro injection molding and has developed and presented numerous technical presentations on micro molding technology and has been published in many industry trade publications. Aaron holds a degree in Communications from Moody in Chicago and an MBA from NW Missouri State University. He has been with Accumold since 2005.


Increase your company’s SEO and boost your online presence with Kompass

Booster enabled Accumold to increase their visibility, and provided high-quality traffic and leads for their website at an affordable price. Thanks to Booster International, ACCUMOLD has been displayed more than 18,566 times on Kompass searches and has received 2,720 clicks in the last 12 months. That is x55 more visits than sector players that are not subscribed to Booster. Check out their booster profile here.

Be sure to mark September 22nd on your calendar, and reserve your spot for this great event today!

Learn more about Kompass Booster here, or by watching the video below. And to craft a powerful visibility and conversions package for your business, contact us today!

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