Case Study: How Accumold used Kompass Booster to drive High-Quality B2B traffic and Conversions

Real traffic and conversion data from Accumold, showing just how powerful a tool Kompass Booster is!

Case Study: How ACCUMOLD used Kompass Booster to drive High-Quality B2B Traffic and Conversions

Customer’s expectation: More visibility and B2B Conversions

Like many great start-ups, Accumold® began operations in a
rented garage. Accumold founders discovered there was a
growing need to manufacture small and microinjection
molded components that went well beyond the available
molding systems of the day. This discovery led to the
invention of the first Micro-Mold® platform in 1985. In fact,
Accumold is the only company that has been continuously
dedicated to micro molding for over 30 years. To accelerate
business development, the company wanted a solution that
would allow them to improve their visibility among B2B
audiences in the domestic market and globally, as well as to
increase conversions to their website.


To address Accumold’s expectations, Kompass, B2B marketing
international player, proposed Kompass Booster, a unique SEO solution
for B2B companies. Booster consists of a content-rich online company
profile with enhanced long-term visibility in both Kompass’s B2B
portal and other search engines. This in turn results in higher traffic,
leads and conversions.

Why Kompass?

  • Large B2B audience that comes to Kompass to find suppliers
  • Improved credibility for your company
  • Support from Kompass experts


Booster enabled Accumold to increase their visibility, and provided high-quality traffic and leads for their website at an affordable price.

Thanks to Booster International, ACCUMOLD has been displayed more than 18,566 times on Kompass searches and has received 2,720 clicks in the last 12 months. That is x55 more visits than sector players that are not subscribed to Booster.

In the last 12 months, the company received:

ACCUMOLD’s search results

Kompass B2B Directory USA:

1st position on the first page for “Thermoplastics processing services



Learn more about Kompass Booster here, or by watching the video below. And to craft a powerful visibility and conversions package for your business, contact us today!


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