Business in Latin America: Webinar and Kompass Tools

Register now for the remaining portions of the Advanced Manufacturing in the Americas Three-part Webinar Series, and read on to learn how Easybusiness by Kompass can help you find buyers in LATAM!


Need to find buyers or partners for your products? Trying to expand into Latin America? Kompass is here to help!

An excellent way to grow your existing business is to expand it into new markets. With its close proximity to the US, untapped markets, economic incentives, and free trade agreements, Latin America has great potential for businesses to increase customers and revenue. But without the right tools to help you find the leads you need, it’s difficult to know where to begin. That’s where EasyBusiness by Kompass comes in.

EasyBusiness makes it easy to connect with companies in Latin America, do market analyses, and find local suppliers. At Kompass, we’ve been doing the hard part for you for over 70 years, collecting, vetting, and compiling trustworthy and reliable data so that you can reap the benefits.

The benefits of using EasyBusiness by Kompass are limitless, but here are a few highlights:

  • Database Size – EasyBusiness by Kompass boasts over one million companies in Latin America and over 60 million companies globally! We also have coverage in all of LATAM’s hotspots like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and more.
  • Contact Data- EasyBusiness has reliable and accurate contact information like emails and phone numbers for companies and executives worldwide. We maintain a database with over 11.9 million corporate emails, 8.7 million executive emails, and 33 million phone numbers worldwide.
  • Searchability – It’s very important to have access to industry, location, and company size among other things. Targeting and segmentation are critical for finding the right data and the EasyBusiness search engine gives you and your team over 60 search criteria. These include simple criteria like industry and location, but also more detailed ones like turnover rates.
  • Specialized Tools- The Multi-Contact tool for EasyBusiness allows your team to save time by targeting up to 100 companies and/or executives at a time. You can also create marketing reports for your targeted country or area with just a few clicks and download them to add data directly to your presentation and reports.
  • Useful for the Whole Team– As you can imagine, EasyBusiness is a great tool for marketing but it’s also useful across all departments. Get the sales team on EasyBusiness and they’ll finish prospecting in no time. Let marketing try it out and they’ll be able to segment the market, do market analyses and create industry overviews easily. Purchasing agents can find new suppliers. Human resources can find detailed legal information. Your financial team can look up detailed information on competitors, prospects, and partners. Since the pandemic, Kompass EasyBusiness also became a very valuable tool for manufacturers to search for new local suppliers. Useful for the whole team!

With EasyBusiness by Kompass, you’ll have the ability to power your business with verified, customizable data, quickly identify your target customers and partners from a highly structured database, and monitor your markets more efficiently. Subscribe now to receive our special offer to save 15% for small and medium-sized businesses. Ask for a demo today and start capturing new business opportunities! 


Interested in learning more about manufacturing in the Americas?

The U.S. Commercial Service Advanced Manufacturing and Trade Americas Teams present a three-part webinar series to educate U.S. exporters interested in selling their Advanced Manufacturing-related products or services to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and/or Brazil.

This event, the Advanced Manufacturing in the Americas Three-part Webinar Series, has two remaining sessions at 1:00 pm Eastern on July 14 and 19th, and the ability to view the recordings after the webinar.

Webinar Series Schedule:

1.    Thursday, June 16: Advanced Manufacturing in Canada & Mexico

2.    Thursday, July 14:  Advanced Manufacturing in Brazil

3.    Tuesday, July 19: Advanced Manufacturing in the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay)

The cost to join is $50 per company for entire the 3-part series. Register here!

We encourage registrants to join us live for the three events but in the event that you cannot make one or more events, a recording link will be distributed to all paid attendees after each live event concludes.

If you have questions you would like addressed during the live webinar(s), please email them in advance to


  • Canada has highly advanced manufacturing sectors producing (in 2021) $8.8 billion in automotive parts and components and $50.4 billion in aerospace products and parts.
  • In 2021, Canada imported $106.3 million of industrial robots, $128 million of automatic welding equipment, & $ 420.9 million of  Automatic Regulating, Controlling Instruments & Apparatus.
  • 30% of Mexico’s manufacturing is automotive-related but advanced manufacturing often occurs within the pharmaceutical, electronics, medical devices, and food/beverage sectors.


  • 5 years ago, Brazil’s Government established a public-private sector Industry 4.0 Working Group aimed at building policies to support the development of advanced manufacturing in the country.
  • Digital automation using sensors to control processes remains the top technology in use in Brazil. In 2021, 46% of the respondents were using it, compared to 27% in 2016.
  • Additive manufacturing has seen increased adoption, with 16% of respondents making use of it in 2021, while only 5% used it in 2016%.


  • Opportunities exist within areas such as artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, 3D printing,& cloud services.
  • Less than 10% of SME manufacturing features additive manufacturing technologies. 80% of SME manufacturing base utilizes first and second-generation technology. Get a “first to market” competitive advantage!
  • Most manufacturing SMEs are currently considering adopting advanced manufacturing technologies, but few have taken action yet.
  • Argentina’s government launched an additive manufacturing development program in 2021, which presents an area for potential cooperation.

Register here to secure your spot!


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