Advertising: 5 predictions for 2024

Artificial Intelligence, new standards and addressability… Criteo delivers its predictions for 2024 via 

While 2023 was marked by the advent of Retail Media, impact and performance, 2024 promises to be an equally intense year for digital advertising and media professionals.

Indeed, the online advertising market will face numerous challenges, but also opportunities: technological and regulatory developments, massive adoption of AI, constant evolution of consumer behavior, etc. Ecosystem professionals will be on the front line to support this transition and will once again have to demonstrate agility.  Here are Criteo’s 5 predictions for 2024:

1. Addressability: first-party data at the forefront

The gradual disappearance of third-party cookies on Google Chrome in 2024 marks profound changes for online marketing and advertising specialists, publishers and retailers.

In the coming months, one of the key success factors will be the strength of first-party data integration strategies. Because it will no longer be enough to simply possess or collect data, but to be able to easily activate them in a scalable way, for the benefit of the consumer experience.

Market players will be able to encourage consumers to authenticate by offering real added value, such as discount coupons and other loyalty benefits, privileged access to sales and private sales or even personalized experiences.

2. AI: a (r)evolution of the AdTech ecosystem

AI has been at the heart of discussions and debates in 2023 and will maintain its central role in 2024.

We have observed AI transcend its origins and find itself in the spotlight: AI is now a science which, in addition to drawing on the latest advances in academic research, is deployed in the form of technological innovations once unimaginable.

The capabilities of the AI ​​models powered by systems like ChatGPT and Google Bard open the door to an unprecedented range of possibilities. 

We will likely see the use of generative AI increase and be used more for creating impactful, hyper-personalized videos, images, and creative messages.

AI – in the broad sense of the term – will also continue to serve performance, in particular through the development of deep learning models whose use cases will make it possible to optimize the execution of budgets and media plans.

Synonymous with operational efficiency, AI will become THE new management tool for marketing and media professionals.

3. SKU data: a new performance lever

In 2024, amid big changes in addressability, SKU [1] (unique product reference number) data will become an additional tool to guide marketers in execution and optimization of their advertising campaigns.

The granular tracking capabilities offered by this data allow them to evaluate the advertising performance of each product with precision, and thus represent a complementary indicator to adapt their strategies, refine the targeting, the message, and the overall resonance of their campaigns. .

SKU data will also enable the creation of hyper-targeted campaigns that will resonate deeply with different customer segments, based on their preferences and purchasing history. Or how to optimize each campaign and its return on investment.

4. Retail media networks: the age of reason

As the market becomes more organized, retailers and e-merchants are gaining maturity and leveraging their first-party data and their direct relationships with consumers, to strengthen their offers by offering new formats and expanded inventories.

This is one of the reasons that explain the success of Retail Media, whose exponential growth opens up new fields of possibilities – for retailers and for their partner brands – such as Retail Media off-site and in physical stores.

The coming year will also be marked by a collaborative effort between players in the sector to standardize this lever, establish measurement standards, formats and common guidelines.

A desire for standardization which will make it possible to fight against the fragmentation of the market, to make it more accessible and thus to allow both advertisers and retailers to exploit its full potential.

5. E-commerce and physical store: the key to a successful purchasing experience

The challenges of omnichannel have never been so decisive.

In 2023, several brands have also invested in offline Retail Media by deploying digital screens in stores. These digital screens represent a complementary advertising alternative to online advertising, in order to broadcast personalized messages and promote their partner brands and their new products in store.

These synergies between the digital world and the physical world represent a winning combination for retailers seeking to develop their brand networks and who wish to reach new consumers to,  ultimately , increase their sales.

The objective? Always offering more value to consumers.

2024 will undoubtedly be an incredibly dynamic year for the advertising ecosystem. The industry is going through a real transition, but this evolution will be accompanied by good growth. Marketers, media owners and their technology partners will continue to rely on  test & learn  to continue providing value to consumers, while ensuring the success of their businesses.

This article was originally published in French on Comarketing News France.

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