5 signs you need a trustable data source like Kompass EasyBusiness

Businesses require technology to support their needs and streamline their workload. A trustable and useful data source is critical for expanding business operations, finding leads and a whole lot more. Here are 5 signs you need a trustable data directory like EasyBusiness by Kompass.

Businesses require technology to support their needs and streamline their workload. A trustable and useful data source is critical for expanding business operations, finding leads and a whole lot more. Here are 5 signs you need a trustable data directory like EasyBusiness by Kompass.


1. You need information that’s not readily available online.

Can’t you find all the information your business needs through a simple search on Bing, Yahoo!, or
Google? In a perfect world, sure! But these public search engines can only give you access
to information that organizations have already made available to the public. This means much of the
information you are most interested in is either behind paywalls or simply not available online. EasyBusiness by Kompass connects you to high-quality, relevant data in a few short clicks!

2. You need quality data.

In addition, the unregulated nature of the internet means that much of the information you can find
online comes from unverified sources and unqualified people. The information with the best quality
control—including magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals—is often unavailable, difficult
to find or requires monthly subscriptions. Given the fact that a single search can often provide millions
(even hundreds of millions) of results, no human researcher has time to sift all the information
to find the most valuable sources. EasyBusiness by Kompass takes data quality seriously. We regularly review data to ensure accuracy and are continuously adding new companies and contact information.

3. You want the best features from a B2B directory.

  • Database Size – A single search on Bing, Yahoo!, or Google can often bring millions of unverified results. Can a B2B directory can be so big? EasyBusiness by Kompass boasts over 53.9 million companies and 77 million executives with 8.7 direct emails!
  • Contact Data- EasyBusiness has reliable and accurate contact information like emails and phone numbers for companies and executives worldwide. We maintain a database with over 11.9 million corporate emails, 8.7 million executive’s emails and 33 million phone numbers.
  • Searchability – It’s very important to have access to industry, location, company size. Targeting and segmentation are critical for finding the right data and the EasyBusiness search engine gives you and your team over 60 search criteria. These include simple criteria like industry and location, but also more detailed criteria, such as turnover rates.
  • Ease-of-Use– Easy is in the name! EasyBusiness‘s intuitive interface accompanies you from A to Z. You can easily enrich, sort, and even export your business data in the file formats you want. Add personal notes to follow up on your targeted prospects and analyze your search results through tables and diagrams in few clicks.
  • Useful for the Whole Team– As you can imagine, EasyBusiness is a great tool for marketing and sales but it’s also useful across all departments. Get the sales team on EasyBusiness and they’ll finish prospecting in no time. Let marketing try it out and they’ll be able to segment the market, do market analyses and create industry overviews in no time. Purchasing agents can look for new suppliers. Human Resources can find detailed legal information. Your financial team can look up detailed information on competitors, prospects, and partners. Since the pandemic, Kompass EasyBusiness also became a very valuable tool for manufacturers to search for new local suppliers. Useful for the whole team!

Do the other guys offer these features? Not so much.

4. You want a B2B directory goes above and beyond industry standards.

A recent IDC report published the different factors enterprises must consider to choose the right database technologies. EasyBusiness by Kompass goes above and beyond to support your business.

  • Define uses and target market. No matter the team or workload, EasyBusiness has the tools to connect your company to millions of companies and resources worldwide. By using EasyBusiness by Kompass, you will have ability to power your business with verified, customizable data. Quickly identify your target customers and partners from a highly structured database and monitor your markets more efficiently.
  • Look for data management products that can process large amounts of data quickly. EasyBusiness has the capability to process millions of results in just a few clicks.
  • Take into account the history, reputation, and business viability of the directory provider. Kompass’s credibility speaks for itself. As the oldest B2B directory in the world, Kompass has been supporting business needs for over 70 years.

5. You want a multi-faceted, global directory.

EasyBusiness is a powerful marketing and segmentation tool that the whole company can use. At its
heart is our database with over 14 million business profiles in the United States alone. If your company is going global, EasyBusiness from Kompass North America has a worldwide reach, with more than 53.9 million business profiles across the world. That’s a 25% increase in just one year! Access to EasyBusiness is available 24 hours a day with your subscription, so you and your team can access this vital information whenever you need it.

Whatever data you need, you’ll be able to find it on EasyBusiness.


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Reach out to our Kompass experts to learn more about our data, search criteria or EasyBusiness in general!


Still don’t believe us? Check out what our users say:

“The SBDC network and Nasbite members have a long relationship with Kompass and know it well.  In fact, Kompass was one of a very few private resources included in the CGBP national training standard!  In the old days, Kompass directories in our SBDC / trade offices were a badge of honor! The SBDC network and working with Kompass date back to the pre-Coface days.  I know centers that have had Kompass for over 25 years.”

James F. Foley- Director Turner Center for Entrepreneurship & Illinois SBDC International Trade Center / International Programs; Executive Board Member-NASBITE International.


As Enterprise Florida is the official economic development authority for the State of Florida having access to market intelligence is vital to our strategic plans and daily operations. Our organization has been a subscriber of to Kompass for the past three years and in that time we have used Kompass in developing export marketing plans, overseas matchmaking and vetting individual companies abroad. It has also been used in our foreign direct investment activities and export sales have been attributed to the contacts made through Kompass. Our entire international division utilizes Kompass and the ongoing training offered by Kompass enables us to keep apprised of Kompass best practices.”

Larry Bernaski – Enterprise Florida – Regional Manager international trade development & Marine Industry Specialist- https://us.kompass.com/c/enterprise-florida-inc/us604029/


“Kompass has been a great tool enabling our potential customers with a path to find us. Every month our Kompass portal brings us a wide variety connection from all over the world. It’s been a perfect complement to our on-line marketing needs to remain visible in the market place.”

Aaron Johnson – Vice President, Marketing & Customer Strategy, Accumold, USA



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