2022 State Of Direct Mail by Demand Gen

Direct mail is still a key channel to engage prospects, customers, and even employees in the digital/hybrid age. Demand Gen breaks down why in their full report.

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2022 State Of Direct Mail

Marketers Fold Direct Mail, Gifting Into Integrated, Omnichannel Campaigns, Automate Processes For Success

When Demand Gen Report first started reporting on the benefits of direct mail for B2B organizations in 2018, the strategy brought on tons of buzz to open doors with prospects and generate awareness in an already oversaturated content landscape. It quickly escalated to becoming bigger — although slightly more expensive — aspect of integrated campaigns, which led to new martech vendors offering to automate and streamline the sending process.

In March 2020 — when the entire world shut down — many were led to believe direct mail was dead because everyone was forced to work from home and sending random packages to people’s personal spaces seemed highly unlikely. However, in true B2B fashion, the solutions helping to automate direct mail strategies quickly pivoted to provide users with new ways to reach and engage prospects at their preferred address. As a result, direct mail turned out to be a key engagement driver that added human touches to marketing campaigns and virtual events at a time that lacked face-to-face engagement.

“From a practitioner’s standpoint, direct mail is another way for us to get our message across to folks outside of the normal channels,” said Jennifer Leaver, Director of Integrated Marketing at FullStory and former Senior Global ABM Manager for Bazaarvoice. “A lot of people were hesitant to use direct mail after Covid hit because everyone was working from home and it seemed really hard. But I think it was actually a blessing in disguise.”

Fast-forward to today, direct mail is still a key channel to engage prospects, customers, and even employees in the digital/hybrid age. It works to build customer loyalty, close deals faster, and show client and employee appreciation across all stages of the buyer’s journey.

“Direct mail for me on, at least on the ABM front, was the No. 1 driver of marketing source to pipeline and bookings,” Leaver added. “And that’s direct marketing-sourced dollars. It was a very big component in my overall strategy and it was also a really interesting way for us to connect and get in closer with the sales motion.”

While direct mail has been hot for a few years, marketers are ramping up initiatives to fold it into their omnichannel strategies. But don’t call it a comeback. Demand Gen Report’s “2022 Demand Generation Benchmark Study” found that 21% of respondents said they’re prioritizing direct mail initiatives — a boost from 2021’s 15%.

“It’s one of those channels where ‘what’s old is new again,’” said Ryan Campion, Head of Marketing at Printfection. “For a while, direct mail was one of the things where people compared it to shady infomercial type companies, but it has really accelerated tremendously. In the past five years, we’ve seen a lot of new direct mail and gifting companies enter the space. It’s attracted a lot of startup and VC capital investment and Covid really accelerated that.”

This report uncovers how modern marketers are leveraging direct mail initiatives in 2022 and beyond, with a focus on:

  • Ways to fold direct mail into larger, integrated, omnichannel campaigns;
  • The uses of direct mail and gifting to generate interest in and enhance the value of virtual and in-person events and digital experiences;
  • How to incorporate direct mail at all stages of the funnel; and
  • How brands are integrating direct mail solutions into existing CRMs, marketing automation and ABM tools.

To get a copy of the full report by Demand Gen, click here.


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